Honey Maid Ad Hits a Sweet Spot

Last week I published an article on Motley Fool that looked at the business of what I dubbed “rebel marketing.”  Honey Maid was the latest entry onto the scene of advertisers daring to tackle once controversial topics — in this case the definition of a traditional family. Their “This is Wholesome” message played over tender scenes of single-parent, gay and multi-racial families, and it was beautifully done.

I grew up in the days when Playtex advertised via the floating bra. Showing skin was simply too risque for the networks, and pushing the social envelope was certainly not something advertisers were inclined to do back then. My, how our culture has changed.It seems that social media has put the viability of non-traditional values to a popular vote. Pushing boundaries is not only okay — it can cause a sensation. But the beauty of it all is that it succeeds because people vote with their likes and shares. It’s populism at its best.

Because I like the message, I cheer the ad and love the trend. The media has a remarkable power to normalize cultural values almost overnight but just treating the once-taboo as, well, normal.

Honey Maid’s message is right. Love makes families. The rest is just details.