• Good Writing.

    We write to communicate, elevate, motivate and inspire. Writing works when it takes the reader on a journey. The style is pleasing and rhythmic, the language is clear, and there is always a payoff. The reader must finish the piece changed, if even in a small way. Maybe she will learn something new, or maybe he will laugh or cry. Writing is always about greeting the reader and saying "thank you for your time."

  • Authentic Voice

    Writing is a marketing tool, for sure. But it is one that works best when the voice is authentic and the message is compelling. Social media is today's corner store. I'll return to chat because I like you. And when I'm ready to buy, you will be my trusted adviser.

  • Commercial Work

    Writing for others involves understanding the audience, authentically conveying the "voice of the client," and incorporating goal-oriented strategic decisions. Does this mean it has to be dull? No way!

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  • Words are my music.

    If I can take an idea and create copy that flows, has a cadence, a melody of words, then I have succeeded.

    In this information-soaked world, clarity is essential. Cut to the chase, explain in clear language, give the reader something to think about, new information, a tear or a smile.

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